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The last thing you want to deal with, besides all other household chores, is a burst pipe. Along with costing you a lot of mental stress, it also takes your time and money. To make matters worse, a water pipe can burst at any time of the day without any prior signs. 

Luckily, we offer our water damage repair Nashville TN services 24/7, providing you satisfactory restoration solutions whenever you need them. 

Here are some reasons for pipes bursting: 

Freezing: If the temperature in your region goes below 0 degrees, the water freezes in the pipes. Since it’s accumulated in one area, it exerts pressure on the pipes, and they burst. 

Corrosion: Often, water pipes burst because they have corroded over the years. While regular maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of water pipes, you can’t expect a water pipe to last forever. If it’s corroded beyond salvation, you need to replace it. 

High Water Pressure: If the water pressure goes beyond 60 psi, your pipes become prone to bursting. The pressure may rise due to an impairment in the pipe itself or excessive pumping from the water source. 

Clogs: Food particles, toys, hair, and other items clog the water pipes, building pressure in them. At a certain point in time, the pressure gets too high and leads to the bursting of water pipes. 

Soil Shifting: Sometimes, water pipes burst as the surrounding soil shifts. It’s particularly common if there’s a construction activity taking place around this soil. 

A burst pipe doesn’t only cause water overflow but also leaves behind a foul smell and hazardous contaminants. Although you can take some prevention measures, they don’t always guarantee the safety of water pipes. 

That’s why we’re here to offer water damage repair Nashville TN services.

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